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Get To Know Arne Materna, PhD

A microbiologist and molecular biologist by training Arne Materna has received his doctoral degree from the University of Konstanz, Germany, and his postdoctoral training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Materna later joined Pacific Biosciences as systems architect responsible for the system level modeling of a new Next-generation Sequencing device. In 2012 Dr. Materna joined CLC bio, acquired by QIAGEN in 2013. As Director for Genome Analysis Dr. Materna was business responsible for several segments in QIAGEN’s portfolio of bioinformatics solutions. Today Dr, Materna is part of CosmosID’s leadership team and directs the product management and marketing department. 

Day 03 | 1:10 PM - 1:30 PM
Predicting Health and Disease from the Gut Microbiome
Humans are colonized after birth by microbial organisms that form a complex heterogeneous community, which contribute biological functions essential to our wellbeing. However, alterations in the balance of the gut microbiota can lead to dysbiosis and have been implicated in many diseases and pathologies. As a consequence, research into the human microbiome is beginning to transform the healthcare landscape.  

The development of emerging novel microbiome based diagnostic and therapeutic approaches thereby predominantly depends on gut microbiome analysis. The gut microbiota fulfills important metabolic and immunological tasks and disruption of the host microbiome homeostasis leads to the development of microbiota-related diseases. A quantitative understanding of the occurrence and distribution of microbial taxa and function found in a person's gut and of the compositional changes over time potentially serves as biomarker for the state of a person's health and provides potential targets for diet, lifestyle and therapeutic modulation.

At present, a number of gut microbiome tests are available, but the challenges inherent to microbiome analysis frequently lead to limitations such as inaccuracy, representation bias, a lack of reproducibility, and insufficient utility with regards to patient outcomes. To this end, CosmosID and Microbiome Labs are working towards a more actionable solution, combining CosmosID’s modern shotgun sequencing approaches, the world’s largest curated genome database and industry-leading bioinformatics analysis platform. The resulting test features an integrated, reproducible, end-to-end “sample to answer” workflow and is carried out in the CosmosID CLIA certified NGS service laboratory with a high degree of standardization and validation. The test accurately quantifies the multi-kingdom microbial community composition, resistome, virulome, and reports on the functional state of the gut microbiome.

The presentation will provide an overview of this new gut microbiome test.